Analytical Environmental Testing Services

  • Water testing services for trace organics, minerals, inorganic chemicals and microbiological contamination to comply with the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA).
  • Wastewater testing services to meet National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) requirements. General physical properties testing, oxygen demand, nutrients and heavy metals
  • Hazardous waste testing to prove compliance with Resource Conservation Recovery Act (RCRA).
  • Analytical services to the mining industry to prove compliance with environmental requirements for the mining industry. These tests include Meteroric Water Mobility Procedure (MWMP); Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP); Acid / Base Accounting (ABA) and Artificial Weathering Cells.
  • A full range of microbiological testing for water, soil and food products in one of the region's finest microbiological laboratories.
  • Testing for trace elements and chemical additives on a wide range of food and plant products.
  • Agricultural testing services for soil nutrients and physical parameters.
  • Special testing services to clients for investigation of non-standard chemical analysis problems or material applications.

Our Mission

our mission
It is the goal of our company to provide our clients with analytical services of the highest possible quality.

Company Profile

We are a full service analytical laboratory providing water, wastewater, hazardous waste, soil, air quality, microbioligical, trace element, and agricultural testing. Our facility consists of a reception and receiving area, offices for laboratory management and staff chemists, a main laboratory for wet chemistry, a separate metals analysis area, a separate microbiology laboratory, a separate sample storage room, a supplies storage room, and rooms for sample preparation. There are approximately 5,200 square feet of floor space in which to conduct laboratory business.

Sierra Environmental Monitoring, Inc. provides a variety of analytical services to many different industries and individuals. The client list includes but is not limited to the following categories:

  • Mining
  • Governmental Agencies
  • Manufacturing
  • Domestic Water Supply
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment
  • Public Utilities
  • Construction
  • Food and Spice Industry

Sierra Environmental Monitoring, Inc. offers several hundred different types of analyses.

Field sampling services are also available as required.